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About Danish Waste Association

Sidst rettet 22.10.2015

Danish Waste Association is a political interest organisation consisting of municipal waste entities. Our purpose is to promote the members' interests regarding the waste management sector. The association has a total of 53 members representing municipalities, inter-municipal waste management companies, and facilities for hazardous waste in Denmark and the Faroe Islands. Danish Waste Association covers all 98 municipalities with a total of 5.6 million citizens in Denmark.

The members' websites can be accessed through this link. Many of them are most frequently available in Danish.

Vision and Values

Danish Waste Association's vision is to efficiently safeguard our members' interests, as well as, to be the leading national interets organisation within the waste management sector. Our mission is to create value for the members by working for an improved and transparent waste management that is paying respect to environment, climate, and resources. Thus, the societal utilization of resources contained in the waste will be optimised.

The association bases its work on a comprehensive approach in relation to all aspects of waste management and utilization of waste material and energy resources. It is our aspiration to base the safeguarding of interests on a constructive, results-oriented dialogue with politicians and authorities. In addition, Danish Waste Association wishes to be known for our high professional standard of analyses and inputs.


Danish Waste Association will create maximum value for our members' interests. This implies that the association is engaged in the following:

  • Creation of the best possible framework conditions for execution of tasks in the waste management sector and correlations between waste management, energy supply, and utilization of resources;

  • Promotion of cooperation, knowledge-sharing, and dissemination of knowledge among members together with related organisations, associations, and other stakeholders;

  • Qualifying of knowledge and information about new legislation and initiatives both nationally and in the EU, as well as, potential consequences hereof;

  • Development of technical and professional knowledge, as well as, elucidation of specific or general problem areas to both our members and other stakeholders.

This must be achieved in consideration of:

  • Security of supply by establishing a basic waste management system for citizens and business community;

  • Optimal utilization of resources contained in the waste by taking a holistic approach to waste management and the energy system. This includes preservation and development of the municipal assets tied up in the waste industry;

  • Provision of a high service level for citizens and businesses, as well as, respect for the municipal decision-making power;

  • An administratively simple waste regulation that is easy to put into practice;

  • The members' social responsibility, i.e. CSR.


Mads Jakobsen, Nomi4s i/s

Managing Director:
Jacob Hartvig Simonsen, jhs@danskaffaldsforening.dk, +45 22 51 66 61


Contact information (available in Danish only)

Danish Waste Association has a political executive committee appointed for a four-year period concurrent with a municipal election period. Our members are active in various forums to support and qualify the work of the secretariat.

Danish Waste Association is a member of Municipal Waste Europe (www.municipalwasteeurope.eu) and Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (www.cewep.com), thus representing the interests of the association in the EU.